Where the heck are the Nuts?

Well, I’m glad you asked. We’ve been busy aggregating our assets (does anyone even know what that means? I don’t, I just write this stuff), and it so happens that we have an impending public gig. This is a bit unusual for 2 reasons: 1. ) Most of our recent engagements have been private, and 2.) This gig is out of town. Mount Dora, Florida, to be exact. There have been external forces completely out of our control, pulling us in this direction for  a while now, and as fate would have it, our destiny is sealed – at least for this date, which will be the 20th of October, 2012.

If you’ve never been to Mount Dora, this will be the weekend to do it! An historic town with an eccentric and authentically artsy disposition, quite unlike ANYTHING you will find here in Naples. And boy howdy,  I mean that in a GOOD way.

This is the destination: The Lakeside Inn

More on this later, as things develop.

More data

Many folks have asked “Where are you guys playing?” I must admit we’ve been negligent in keeping up with the Jones'(Joneses? Ok, well, other area bands who seem to update the public on their latest schedule with the zeal of seal going after a slice of fish).

While we do not have a regular engagement, we have been playing a number of public and private events, most notably, Tony Ridgway’s 40th anniversary of his restaurant off Third Street (which was a blast, btw), and  Pincher’s Boat Parade (another blast), to name a few. The problem is, we seem to inform everyone after the fact, largely  because I hardly ever get around to updating the calendar and sending out those blast emails that I know everyone loves finding in their inbox. For crying out loud, I put a calendar on the site, you’d think I’d at least try to use it.

I think what we probably need is a pro-active web and technology company, like these guys. Has anyone heard of those guys?

Ok, I’ll try to be more pro-active. In the meantime, here is more of the raw data you’ve come to expect from this site:


New Addition

We haven’t posted anything in awhile, and there is good reason for that. We’ve been busy doing other things. Namely, holding auditions for vocalists. After an exhaustive search, yielding many very talented contenders, we are happy to announce (cigars for everyone!) the addition of a new XX chromosome!…er, I mean, female vocalist! Her name is Nancy Visceglie, the newest Mixed Nut!  She is already trying to figure what type of nut she is, as several of the best ones have already been spoken for. We’ll keep you informed.

Ok, now then, here is more of the raw data you have come to expect:

“Hey, where’s your FB page?”

After  14 years spent cutting our teeth on the scene at the most highfalutin’ venues to the most unassuming, character-driven hotspots, we rejoiced that finally, our days of embarrassment were behind us. No longer would we have to hang our heads in shame when asked, “What is your web address?”  Now, having a website would open the door to public acceptance while making people sit up and take notice. And indeed they have. Specifically, they have noticed we don’t have a Facebook page.

Naturally, we don’t want to jump in and commit to one brand of social media, while slighting all the others. Next thing you’ll know, we’ll find ourselves being chastised on Twitter by an avid Myspace user. Someone on will be texting to friends on Bebo, that we just don’t care about them.  Qzone folks will politely ignore us, while Badoo users will simply order another pastry. Those on Vkontakte may never come to another gig. I don’t even want to talk about folks on or eharmony – they have their own agenda.

So were does that leave the Mixed Nuts? Right here, for the time being, because if there is one thing we’ve learned: You should never mix milk chocolate with absinthe. It’s just a bad idea. We recommend only dark chocolate. It goes with everything.

And now the raw music data you’ve come to expect:

In Memory of Tom Decourcey

Tom, playing with the Mixed Nuts Latin Orchestra, May 2005
Photo courtesey of Adam Junkroski

The band members of the Mixed Nuts, former and present, along with so many of our musician friends and families in the greater Naples community want to remember our good friend Tom Decourcey who recently passed away after a courageous fight with cancer.

Tom was one of the finest trombone players you could ever hope to play with and he made some great music with the Mixed Nuts, as well as many other bands in our area. Tom was a consummate professional and when it came to making music, few could match his passion for nailing the part.

He was witty, his sense of  humor unmatched and always made any gig matter what the circumstances. Tom was the complete pro!

To his family and friends, we send our deepest sympathies. He was a husband, father, educator and a man of faith and integrity. He was a musician’s musician.

We loved you, Tom.  Rock the 1’st bone’ part Sly style in the Heavenly Tower of Power Horn Section!

Hello Mixed Nuts Phans!

Welcome to the new and improved Mixed Nuts website. This is our first post!

Ok, I know we need pictures, but for now, this will have to do: